13 ottobre 2015

Krishnamurti - The Sense of Unshakeable Freedom

[...] So we ought to enquire what is freedom. Please ask this question of yourself. Is freedom a matter of choice. You are free to choose, free to go from here to there, free to have different kinds of jobs, if you don't like one you go to the other. Freedom to express yourself, free to think what you want, and to express it, perhaps, in a democratic society, not in the totalitarian states, there freedom is denied. So what is freedom? Because that is part of our life. As we talked yesterday, death is part of our life, the living and the dying. We went into it very carefully. Whether there are two, death and life, live together. That requires, as we pointed out yesterday, a great deal of attention, a great deal of enquiry, and great intelligence - the art of living with death. We talked about that. And in the same way, we ought to talk over together what is freedom. Does it really exist? The word freedom, also, some of its root meaning, is love. And is love a matter of choice?
And so we ought to find out for ourselves what is actual freedom. Freedom from something, from pain, from anxiety, and is there freedom, not from something. Do you understand? If it is freedom from something it is merely a reaction. It is like a man in prison saying, 'I must get out of my prison', we live psychologically in a prison, and when it is painful, ugly, not satisfactory then you want freedom from that. So we are saying, freedom from something is the same thing as being in prison. Do we meet each other, or am I talking to myself?
So what is freedom? This sense of inward authentic, deep sense of unshakable freedom, not from something, what is that freedom? [...]

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