3 novembre 2019

Wake up and smell the roses
and keep your spirit clean
They'll make you interwoven
with a fabricated dream
Some people locked in trouble
and wrapped up in belief
Nothing lasts forever
exceptthe selfless silent sea

And I'm alive
yes I'm alive
and I'm walking on fire
Listen to your heartbeat
and see what you find
Your alive
yes your alive and your walking on fire
Listen to me honey it will
all be alright.

Tranquil is the spirit
who only speaks to those who see
Never hesitate to give love
to those you meet
Home is where the heart
is and its such a humble beat
Many troubled souls are still
searching for the key


And if your soul
should slip through your hands
Just give thanks
for the gift that is now
You have always been
and will always be
Your the apple
and I am the tree


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