4 settembre 2018


I have built my freedom, a grain of sand at a time.
I eradicated family bitter roots: by burning them I made incense for sacred rituals of awareness.
From screams of neighbors I made a carpet of wise silence. The blood bond has become a thin cord
from which hangs the lamp of  thoughts and feelings still acceptable.

Once I was born I was a name, an expectation, a role. I have changed image of me in the frame,
my wishes in the vase for flower, role in my chair, even my name outside the front door.

I made and unmade all, like a sand mandala, building a decorated floor inside the circle of life.
I became a cartographer of myself, turning cardinal points, changing languages, moving inner and outer borders.

I have fighted cold wars fearing death and friendly fire, given asylum to the enemy, served a mysterious commander, signed some truces with myself.

I have built my freedom, not as a free space but as a sandcastle and still I know this is not my home.

There is a bigger freedom which blows on sand as on birthday candles, with that secret wish that will create another sandy freedom, somewhere, one day.

London  4/09/2018

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